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International Pet Travel can be confusing and very time consuming. Most of our clients are already overwhelmed with their personal move and need help with the shipment of their pets. We have shipped cats, rabbits and all size dogs from little Chihuahuas to Grate Danes needing custom built crates.

We can offer full Door to Door shipping services or we can only serve you with the parts of the relocation you may not able to handle yourself. We can help you with as much as you need for your pets to have a safe transport.

When traveling internationally, some points to consider are:

How you are looking to transport your pets?

If you are planning to take your pet in the cabin (must be a small pet and approved route) or as excess baggage (you are traveling in the same airplane with your pet) then you will need to contact your airline carrier to arrange the transport. In this situation The Pet Wagon can offer advice on import and export requirements to make sure you comply with all the rules and regulations to exit the USA and enter the destination country. If you are planning to send your pets alone, we are able to help you with the whole process of the relocation.

Is my pet breed a restricted breed?

Unfortunately, there are breeds that are restricted for import to certain countries. Also, snub nose breeds are limited to the time of the year that they can flight due to heat restrictions. It is important to check the current rules and regulations for your specific breed before you start planning the relocation.

Do you have an air travel approved kennel?

The International Air Transport Association provides the guidelines for choosing the correct size and kind of kennel to transport your pet. For more info check:

Are you familiar with all the entry requirements for the destination country?

Each country has different rules for importing pets. However, the standard rules and minimum requirements for any country are usually a microchip, regular vaccines, and an International Health Certificate endorsed by the USDA office before departure. Sometimes, the requirements are very time sensitive making them very hard for you to handle along with your personal relocation.

Do you need to travel before your pet? Who will be picking up your pets at the destination?

When planning the relocation of your pet, it is usually easier for you to send your pets after you have arrived to the destination, so you can have the new home ready for them. Most of our clients travel a few days or weeks before we send their pets. This allows for an easier adaptation of your pet to the new surroundings. We can board your pets until the desired date of travel or we can pick them up from a friends place or family member.

Our basic service package includes:
  • Guidance to select the correct kennel for you pets, accessories and preparation.

  • Overseeing all the imports/export requirements for the destination country. We will guide you and your vet to make sure all the proper documentation is filled out correctly.

  • Booking of airline ticket.

  • Check in Assistance.

  • Import Permit when needed.

  • Transport to airport and check in.

If you are ready to start planning your pet's travel, please contacts below for a quote: