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pet relocation

The Pet Wagon is based in Durham, North Carolina and serves airport in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. We are a full service animal relocation company and we work closely with other shippers around the globe to provide unmatched service for your pets anywhere in the world. We have experience shipping pets to Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. We have worked with many military families as well as corporate relocations.

The Pet Wagon offer clients the necessary services to complete their pet's move. Here is a list of services we offer:

Services provided:

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  • Travel logistics.
    This involves communications will all parties involved during the transport to set up a plan of action to complete a successful move for your pet(s). We will collect all the necessary information from the pet owner such us health and vaccines records, microchip information, and any other necessary documentation.

  • Acquiring crates and accessories.
    Preparing crates for flight, making sure all accessories are included and following the IATA regulations.

  • Advising you on import/export documentation and communicating with veterinarians and government officials to make sure all the forms are filled out correctly. Providing the necessary documents to be filled out by your veterinarian.

  • Boarding.
    We can arrange boarding of your pet(s) if you need to relocate before they do.

  • Ground transport to veterinarians, boarding facilities, airports, etc. We have a fleet of vehicles that can handle small crates as well as oversized climate controlled vans for the transport of multiple pets.

  • USDA endorsements.
    We can arrange appointments, mail paperwork, or personally go to the USDA offices to endorse documents.

  • Airport handling and check in.
    Pets will be under our supervision until the last minute when we hand them to the air carriers.

  • Booking of airline ticket.
    We will find the best route in a pet-friendly airline for your pet to reach the final destination in a safely manner. Most of the airlines we use will provide the shorter route for your pets. When a long layover is needed, these airlines usually have animal facilities in the connecting airports and can offer an optional service so your pet will have a chance to relieve.

  • Flight Tracking.
    We will track the flight and connections. You will be notified promptly of any changes in the schedule of your pet(s) trip.

  • Customs Clearance.
    We can arrange customs clearance in countries other than the USA.

  • Assistance during the whole relocation process.
    If you have any question about your pets or the development of the transport, one of our representatives will be accessible to talk or email you as needed.

  • We treat all pets like our own to provide a pleasant and safe relocation.

Our fees vary depending on your needs. We can do as little or as much needed to provide you with a worry-free transportation for your pets. Please contact us for a free estimate.