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200 miles of free animal transportation

The Pet Wagon is having its second contest poll benefiting a rescue organization. The winner will receive 200 miles of free animal transportation.

And the winner is ...

The Pet Wagon is proud to announce that All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas (Aka A BARC) has been the winner of our first campaign of the year "Drive a Pet Home", The Pet Wagon is awarding A BARC 200 miles of anima transport. A BARC does wonderful work to re-home....

In promoting responsible and environmentally green initiatives.

The Pet Wagon, is incorporating a fuel efficient Honda Fit vehicle to its operations. President Juan Galvis expressed, "We are pleased to have chosen the Honda Fit as one of our vehicles. They are reliable, versatile, practical and could get up to 40 MPG in fuel consumption"...

Drive a pet home

Our first charity campaign of the year starts on January 17th, 2010 through January 31st, 2010 Our campaign´s name is "Drive a pet home" We will be donating 200 miles of pet transportation to the shelter with most votes on our page, The Pet Wagon will host a total of 4 voting contests giving away a total of 800 miles to area shelters on the first quarter of 2010. Click here if you want to vote for your favorite animal organization.

"Going places: Entrepreneur Juan Galvis' new pet care and transportation business"

"Durham, N.C.—The trip to the vet for Tari's cat Skeeter was "smooth and comfortable." The same can be said for dogs Izzy, T.K. and D'Jango. These animals and their owners are clients of Campbell University graduate...."