our vehicles

Our vehicles are outfitted with state of the art animal transportation equipment. Our animal cubicles are custom made with seamless stainless steel which make them easy to clean.

our vehicles

Each cubicule features:

  • Stainless steel construction which does not harbor bacteria or other types of microorganisms.

  • Temperature control with both AC and Heat separate from the vehicle cabin. The vehicle operator is able to monitor both the animal areas as well as the outside temperature so that adjustments to keep your pets comfortable can be made.

  • Each animal area has angled floors that direct fluids to an onboard draining system should your pet have an accident while in transit.

  • Grates are provided to keep cross contamination with the floor to a minimum while riding.

  • Comfortable impermeable cushy pads are provided for each passenger.

  • Vehicles outfitted with first-aid equipment.

  • Doggie ramps for senior/special needs pets.

  • We provide water and waterbowls, leashes, and muzzles for those unexpected situations.